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Matte Kudasai

словно мучительная капуста

Social capital

  • less than 10
KS-West Raccoon Project
4 April 1982
Я совсем не слежу за статистикой и добавлениями и не пользуюсь личкой. Поэтому, если вам важна взаимность - просто оставьте комментарий.

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All night and day
It's all you ever wanted
You got glorious colourless motion
From reel to reel you run
Nocturnal television
Nocturnal television
It's on all night and day
All night and day
All night and day
Your fucking television
It's all you ever wanted.
© Japan, "Television"
------- +++ -------
Don't tell me not to live
Just sit and putter
Life's candy
And the sun's a ball of butter
Don't bring a cloud around
To rain on my parade

Don't tell me not to fly
I've simply got to
If someone takes a spill
It's me and not you
Who told you you're allowed
To rain on my parade

© "Don´t Rain On My Parade"


армия, город, история, общество, политика, происшествия, работа, религия, экология, знаменитости, кино, литература, музыка, спорт, фантастика, еда, животные, медицина, здоровье, дети, техника, россия, 18+, отношения, рукоделие, праздники, фотография, ссср

Social capital

  • less than 10